Race Against The Machine

Driving innovation with a VR- and AI-powered racing game

Get set for a racing game that seamlessly blended virtual reality with artificial intelligence. We didn’t simply tell IT buyers about the lightning-fast machine learning capabilities of the new Dell computers; we put them in the driver’s seat for an exhilarating experience.

We created a fully immersive live racing game where participants could test their skills against an adaptive AI opponent. Players were active competitors, going toe to toe with an AI trained to match the prowess of a McLaren F1 driver. Lap by lap, the AI learned and improved, evolving into a top-tier racing opponent tracked on a real-time leaderboard.

We stepped away from conventional white papers and instead delivered a solution where the excitement of the race and the thrill of competition made our event a memorable experience for all.


ideal customers from 400 companies across 20 events in just 6 months

Render of a Tomte with large yellow hat covering his eyes .
Render of a Tomte with large yellow hat covering his eyes .

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