Energising the future

BP launches a subscription service for electric vehicles

In a bold move beyond its traditional oil and gas revenue streams, BP launched a subscription service for electric vehicles with the potential to reach multi-billion-dollar levels if we could prove and scale the concept.

Introducing a completely novel service from scratch, our team embarked on developing a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) strategy. From the initial stages of lead generation to the final conversion, our goal was clear: to attract and retain customers in a rapidly evolving market.

In an operating environment that was undergoing constant changes, BP embraced agile practices, adapting to new global objectives and restructuring job roles to align with the ambitious goals. The company’s Advanced Mobility Unit (AMU), which acts as an incubator, emerged as a beacon of innovation within BP, operating with the agility and resourcefulness typical of a start-up.

Recognising the power of collaboration, we embedded members of our own team within AMU as part of our strategy. By seamlessly integrating with the Volume team, BP enhanced team agility and productivity, streamlining the path to market by leveraging our strategic marketing expertise.

Adopting a flexible resource approach enabled the project to:

  • Gain momentum
  • Adapt swiftly to changes in market conditions (e.g. during lockdowns)
  • Enhance decision-making through data-supported insights

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