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Gamifying opportunities for Westminster’s youth

In the heart of Westminster City, one of the UK’s most economically diverse regions, a spirited ambition took root: to enrich the lives of young people through cultural and creative opportunities. And so the City Lions programme was born. But what’s a fantastic initiative without a spotlight to showcase its brilliance?

That’s where we came in. We dived headfirst into the world of Westminster’s teenagers (aged 13 to 16) with a comprehensive discovery workshop. This wasn’t about data; it was about understanding their aspirations, their daily routines and the rhythms of their social-media engagement.

The outcome? An Instagram AR filter – a canvas of endless possibilities! With gamification at the core, we crafted an experience that didn’t just raise awareness but also turned heads and ignited curiosity. Our filter unfolded the magic of City Lions, spotlighting exciting activities such as museum visits, cooking escapades and outdoor adventures – all encapsulated in an interactive, gamified experience during the school holidays.

And the best bit? The outcomes went way beyond expectations, hitting impressive figures:

  • 3.2 million impressions – indicating a wide-reaching impact on the target audience
  • 10,200 ad clicks – testament to the engagement and resonance that the app sparked
  • 5,000 click-throughs to the City Lions website – reflecting a significant boost in traffic and potential leads
  • Each engagement cost significantly less than the benchmark: an average of £0.12 compared to the industry average of £0.54

The project wasn’t just a success; it was a celebration of the enthusiasm that resonated with the young hearts of Westminster. By turning awareness into action, the City Lions programme became an irresistible adventure.




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