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Enhancing brand awareness for the City Lions programme through social media gamification

Westminster City is one of the most economically diverse regions in the UK. Part of the city’s ambition is to provide more cultural and creative opportunities to young people through its City Lions programme.

Our objective was to increase brand awareness among the target audience of 13-to-16-year-olds, whose social media behaviours aren’t easily predictable. To gain insights and optimise our approach, we conducted a discovery workshop with City Lions users in the target age group. This enabled us to understand their perspectives of the programme and their social media habits.

Solution development

With valuable input from the young people, we devised a strategy centred around Instagram and leveraged its AR filter functionality to create an engaging and gamified brand-awareness experience. The goal was to showcase the exciting activities offered by City Lions during the school holidays.

The Instagram AR filter

Our Instagram filter captivates users once recording starts by placing a randomizer on their heads. This interactive feature flicks through a series of activities and, on landing on a specific one, immerses the user in a scenario. These scenarios represent typical activities users can enjoy with City Lions, including museum visits, cooking classes and outdoor adventures.

Implementation and promotion

The AR filter was strategically promoted on Instagram, appearing both in the feed and in stories. This effectively drove users to try the filter and discover more about the City Lions programme on its website. We knew from our discovery workshop that our audience doesn’t tend to share directly to individual profiles, but will engage with an experience and share in closed groups.

Results and impact

The outcome of the project surpassed the benchmarks that were set and achieved impressive metrics:



…indicating a wide-reaching impact on the target audience.


ad clicks

…demonstrating the engagement and interest generated among users.



…to the City Lions website, reflecting a significant boost in traffic and potential leads.

Remarkably, each engagement cost significantly less than the benchmark, with an average cost of £0.12 compared to the industry average of £0.54.

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