Digital marketing campaign strategy

Using templates to replicate success

Lead generation via digital marketing funnels is a top priority for most businesses.

Virgin Media Business needed a proven structure to use as a template for digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns use digital marketing channels and content atomization to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. There are two key objectives:

  1. To make content more impactful by educating users about their offering with clear, consistent messaging across one creative
  2. To increase sales by using targeted top-of-funnel activity and boosting engagement further down the funnel

The “work but not as you know it” campaign was a collaborative effort between Volume, Virgin Media Business and an advertising agency.

Leads were generated by creating a full-funnel campaign that raised awareness of Virgin’s broadband, mobile and SIM offerings across digital channels (including SpotifyAudio, YouTube TrueView, Facebook and LinkedIn).


increase in online sessions


rise in search volume for the brand


higher than the lead-generation target


email open rates with a 14% click-through rate

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