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Empowering the local community through smart engagement

Revitalising Wokingham centre through AR and cultural discovery

Wokingham Borough Council posed the question: “How do we make our town smarter?” Our response was Wocca, an app that aims to reshape how people engage with their local area.

With Wocca, families with children can rediscover their local area in a fun and engaging way. Our Pokémon Go-like experience uses augmented reality (AR) to bring life to points of interest throughout the town and its surrounding areas. The game routing encourages walking and cycling, and promotes public transport options. It’s a great way to get people moving and exploring their community.

But Wocca is more than just a game. It’s a discovery portal that drives engagement with all arts and culture in the borough (based on user preferences, location and calendar), helping to make Wokingham smarter.



Render of a Tomte with large yellow hat covering his eyes .
Render of a Tomte with large yellow hat covering his eyes .

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