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The World Bee Project takes flight

What’s the secret to a memorable keynote? The answer: impact – the way you make your audience feel, connect and act.

This was the impetus behind Oracle’s choice of The World Bee Project as its keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2020. Oracle has long supported The World Bee Project and was making even bigger technology commitments to deepen that support.

But data alone can’t evoke action or rally support, so we used the most powerful storytelling technology, extended reality (XR), to reveal the compelling narrative behind the data.

Using the data captured by Oracle’s technology we curated an augmented-reality (AR) experience that transported the audience into the heart of a bustling beehive. The intricate behaviours of bees were vividly shown on stage, putting their story squarely in the spotlight.

Our strategy:

  • Sparked a wave of social engagement and shares of the keynote, amplifying its reach and impact
  • Captured attention, not just with a one-of-a-kind experience, but by narrating a tale that the bees themselves couldn’t tell
  • Portrayed Oracle not merely as a database company but as a technology powerhouse that’s making a real difference

“Fabulous work and amazing collaboration with everyone at Volume!”

JoAnne Hughes,
Executive Programmes Manager

Winter scene featuring Tomtes, trees, a lake and wooden sign

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