Race against the machine

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence in one exciting racing game

How do you show jaded IT buyers the power of on-the-fly machine learning capabilities on the new Dell computers?

Our approach: demonstrate training an AI in real time as you race against it.

By combining reinforcement learning and virtual reality, we created a fully immersive gaming experience that demonstrated the AI abilities of Dell’s system.

The IT buyers strapped in and raced against a McLaren F1 driver. The machine kept learning and improving during the event, becoming a fully trained AI racing driver in real time.

White papers get lost in the noise.

  • Engage buyers by immersing them in a new and exciting environment.
  • Focus on creating a memorable customer experience rather than hard selling.
  • Gamification and competition monitored via an embedded leaderboard made this event showpiece truly memorable.

Reach: 1,200 ideal customers from 400 companies across 20 events in just 6 months

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