Smarter cities

How AR and location awareness combine to help revitalise a city centre

Wokingham Borough Council asked: “How do we make our city smarter?”

As part of the Smart City Cluster bid, WBC identified arts and culture as an under-served part of their community. We created a community engagement app that focused on driving engagement with local arts and culture.

Wocca is a one-stop discovery portal for all arts and culture in the borough, based on user preferences, location, and calendar.

To encourage families with children to download the app and rediscover their local area, we created a game experience within the app - Wocca Explorers.

Wocca is more than an app

  • A Pokémon Go-like experience uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring life to points of interest throughout the borough so residents rediscover their local area in a fun and engaging way.
  • The game routing encourages walking and cycling, and promotes public transport options.



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