bp launches a subscription service for electric vehicles.

Step 1 of the challenge: plan a go-to-market strategy

The challenge was to plan a go-to-market strategy for a completely new service with zero customers, then launch and hit customer-acquisition targets (from lead gen through to conversion).

bp are looking for revenue beyond oil and gas. This service was identified as a potential multi-billion revenue opportunity if the concept could be proven and scaled. The first stage was developing a GTM plan. 

Flexible embedded resource

In a high-flux operating environment, the business was moving to agile working, introducing new global aims and redefining job roles. There were resource constraints: Advanced Mobility Unit (AMU) acts as a start-up incubator within bp, so the budgets and team size are those of a start-up. 

Collaborative solution

An embedded team approach was identified as the most likely route to success. By collaborating and embedding the Volume team, bp have increased their agility and output whilst reducing time to market by utilizing Volume’s strategic marketing pedigree.

Taking a flexible resource approach allows the project to:

  • Build momentum
  • Pivot as market conditions changed (e.g. lockdowns)
  • Support better decision-making through data

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