Digital transformation

Transforming from an analogue to a digital business model

The pandemic forced the closure of all SafeWise physical centres and eventually shut down this not-for-profit organisation. We were consulted about digital transformation to reimagine what the charity could become.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, SafeWise sought our expertise to design and build an immersive experience to complement the charity’s existing life-skill centres based on the south coast of England.

The challenge

The pandemic hit and schools could no longer visit. This forced staff lay-offs and the closure of physical centres, and caused the charity to fold. This was a devastating outcome and one that became all too familiar during 2020.

We felt that the charity had a unique offering for children and wanted to provide support as they reimagined what their organisation could be in the new world.

Our consultants used transformation methodology to support Safewise through their subsequent digital transformation – and the results have been amazing.


Two years on, they’ve relaunched as a social enterprise called 360 Skills for Life.

With an exclusively online immersive offering, they provide schools with the tools to teach life skills for Key Stages 2 and 3 within a virtual environment. These range from how to cross the road safely, to dealing with gang crime, and developing skills to keep safe online.

The solution has already received funding from NHS England and there is expected to be funding to expand the current offering. Ultimately, 360 Skills for Life plans to cover life skills from the earliest years up to the age of 21.

360 Skills for Life have future-proofed their operational model

  1. Becoming a digital organisation and using an online immersive solution.
  2. Leapfrogging competitors by using the Metaverse for good.
  3. Digitisation has removed the physical barriers to participation they had faced with real-world learning centres.
  4. The digital town has no limits on capacity, proximity or location. It needs no staff to operate; schools run the training from the classroom using an interactive whiteboard.

Digitisation enables participation. The digital town has no limits on capacity and is always nearby; it’s the ideal location.

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