Case Study



Wocca application

We won’t lie, it felt good helping out Wokingham Borough Council. They wanted to create a buzz around arts and culture in the local area, so we supported their strategy with a digital, centralised hub
of information and an interactive game that uses AR technology.

The council can now:

Engage local people with an easy-to-use hub of information for all things arts and culture across the borough.

Create a sense of place and strengthen communities through new partnerships and by promoting health and wellbeing.

Support local businesses, organisations, charities and groups through a single platform that gives them access to a large target audience.

Encourage parents and their children to explore the local area and take an interest in the history and culture of their borough by completing interactive AR games.

“Wocca app has a very nice design, lovely colours and it’s easy to navigate.

“The Explorer section is a great idea. It’s fun, very engaging and I like the idea of all the markers.”