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Virtual Reality is a headset-based experience where the user is fully immersed in a virtual world and can see only the virtual objects within it. By using special controllers or tracking devices, or by hand-tracking, they can interact with objects and navigate the virtual world.



Lloyd's Register

This technology is almost unlimited in creativity. Starting from a blank canvas, a VR experience can transport a user to anywhere in the universe, or anywhere you can imagine. VR technology is the perfect immersive solution for recreating dangerous environments so the user can experience them in complete safety. It can also bring a brand or product range to life in a unique way.

Why use it?

It can increase efficiency by placing the experience where it works for you, instead of using valuable time and resources for off-site travel

VR uptake in society is on the rise and provision of VR experiences can empower employees and customers to learn, experiment or simply enjoy the immersion

Using VR minimises distraction, while maximising engagement through its immersive nature

Using VR for learning enables teams to train in situations that would normally be impossible, impractical, dangerous or uneconomical

It provides a safe place to learn, make mistakes and improve

How we can help

Demonstrating on and supporting hardware choices from Oculus to HTC and more, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing to invest.

Our expert team can help by:

Working with you to find the best experience to match your business goals.

Guiding you through all the steps from defining requirements to using the solution.

Creating bespoke VR 3D models of your products, from CAD or photos.

Providing professional guidance and service to design, develop, test and deploy the best solution or experience for your needs.