Mixed Reality is a headset-based experience where you can see the world around you, but with virtual objects placed within it. Typically, the headset is aware of the environment and is able to occlude (hide) virtual objects behind real ones, leading to a more realistic and immersive experience.




This technology is moving fast, with the evolution of headsets such as HoloLens or Magic Leap. MR is set to shape how we interact with other people, and the world around us, in the future. Mixed reality companies like Volume can help you explore the possibilities of MR for your business or audience.

Why use Mixed Reality?

MR allows you to use immersive tech and virtual objects while having your hands free. This is great for tasks such as training and development, or enabling live analysis to guide your real-world decisions

Voice commands can enhance the mixed reality experience and give a more natural flow to them

You can collaborate with other users, either locally or remotely, in new and innovative ways

How we can help

Provide a professional end-to-end service that will design, develop, test and deploy your solution and support you in any events.

Our mixed reality expertise means that we can:

Help you find the best solution for your business aims.

Help you identify the best hardware and technology to deliver your experience.

Design and create rich mixed reality models to bring your experience to life.

Provide a dedicated account team to support you with all aspects of the project.