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Why pay for features you don’t need and compromise on features you do? That’s exactly what happens when you buy an off-the-shelf learning platform. We can develop a completely bespoke platform that meets your needs – no more, no less.



By combining CMS functionality within an LMS, you can develop, deploy, maintain, track and assess your online training, all in one place. 

Why use them?

Develop training content easily using a range of flexible templates 

Create bespoke templates for content to meet your training requirements

Enrich your training by incorporating media interactions and downloadable resources

Easily create assessments and certification exams within the platform

Provide a consistent learner experience

Centrally control content, exams and reporting to suit your individual needs

How we can help

Define the templates and reports that will meet your requirements.

Our in-house Instructional Design specialists can help you: 

Identify the business metrics you’re looking to impact and the tasks that impact them.

Focus your efforts and budget on the tasks that will affect business performance the most.

Manage your diverse learning projects from beginning to end. 

Fully integrate the platform with other systems.

Train your internal L&D teams on how to use the platform and design training content, assessments and exams.