Learning & Development

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We have the perfect alignment of instructional design and immersive technology to deliver engaging learning that sticks.


What we do

Our ethos is simple: to help clients increase organisational capability by focusing on the tasks that impact business performance the most.

Our team of instructional design specialists work closely with our in-house development and creative teams to create meaningful immersive learning experiences, robust practical assessments and exciting event experiences. Our aim is to optimise both the experience and the instructional integrity.

Learning & Development

Immersive learning experiences

Learning by doing; using the latest in immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) to develop new or existing skills.


Immersive technologies give you a clearer view of employee capability than knowledge tests alone; they enable you to assess performance to determine improvement at the application level.


Provide useful resources that help people to overcome the most common challenges they face, directly in the flow of work.


Increase excitement about L&D initiatives with immersive experiences that engage employees or customers and motivate them to learn more.

Learning platforms and online training

Our bespoke learning platforms can enable you to develop, deploy and track your online training, the way you want to.


Case studies

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