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The evolution of technology has changed our behaviour in every aspect of modern life: how we communicate, how we shop, how we entertain ourselves – even how we work. It’s not surprising that how we learn at work has changed, too.



Lloyd's Register

The needs and expectations of the workplace learner have never been so demanding. And independent research shows that traditional training methods are losing their ability to engage people or impact performance.

Why use immersive experiences?

Using AR, VR and MR enables you to train tasks, processes and situations that would normally be impossible, impractical, inconvenient, dangerous and uneconomical

Learning takes place in context, not the abstract, making it more personalised and relevant

It enables learners to see the consequences of their decisions or actions and receive real-time feedback and coaching

It provides a safe place to learn, fail and improve in a cost-effective way

Training in VR can minimise distraction while maximising engagement, leading to extended usage and further learning

Meaningful, state-of-the-art training demonstrates a powerful commitment to team development, helping attract, upskill and retain your talent

How we can help

Evaluate the learning outcomes.

Our expert team can help you: 

Identify the business metrics you’re looking to impact and focus your efforts and budget on the tasks that will impact business performance the most.

With professional end-to-end support to design, develop, test and deploy your solution.

Make the most of the learning opportunity with practical guidance and a dedicated account support team.


Case studies

Lloyd’s Register 
Maritime Surveyor