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Traditional knowledge checks or end-of-course quizzes typically only measure short-term memory. With an average of 58% of information being lost within just one hour of completing training, is this really the best way to measure learning?


Lloyd's Register

Immersive assessments allow you to determine application level, which demonstrates the learner’s ability to use what they’ve learned, not just what they can remember.

Why use them?

Assess candidates’ suitability for a role, before investing in the cost of onboarding

Enable candidates to try aspects of the role, before deciding whether the role is right for them

Assess employees’ capability in new tasks or processes

Gain data-driven insight for an employee’s future development needs

How we can help

In calibrating each learning experience.

We’re here to support you:

Identify clear and measurable learning outcomes to evaluate.

Create realistic assessments that reflect the real-world workplace, associated actions, decisions and consequences and acceptable benchmarks of minimum performance.

Collate and extract usage and performance data or integrate with your LMS/LXP/LRS if required.