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At a holistic level, people essentially only need two things to get better at their jobs: training or resources that help them to get better at something they care about, and experiences that give them a reason to care.



Lloyd's Register

We can create immersive experiences that provide the all-important what’s in it for me, to motivate someone to seek out the training and resources available.

Why use engagement experiences?

Create excitement and curiosity about new products, services or training events

Increase engagement with wider L&D initiatives

Develop deep customer empathy, driving improved levels of service

How we can help

Establish clear measures of success.

We can help you to:

Determine what kind of immersive experience would add value to your programme or campaign.

Decide on the most appropriate technology based on your deployment plans.

Extend the reach of your experience by sharing the engagement on large screens to pique the curiosity of those waiting or passing by.

Install your experience at events or workplaces.

Introduce competition between users with gamification and leader boards.