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Augmented Reality is usually phone- or tablet-based, and allows you to place virtual objects within the real world.
The virtual objects are only visible on the screen of the device, but multiple devices can see the same virtual objects if it’s a shared experience.




Wokingham Council

Using AR, we can enhance more traditional marketing like brochures and posters with an extra layer of digital content that offers interactivity and distinction. By creating content that works on a smartphone, you can reach a far bigger audience.

Why use AR?

AR technology is accessible to anyone with a compatible mobile phone or tablet

Providing an experience that a user can take away and use on their own device is very powerful

AR can expand traditional marketing with applications that create another dimension and add value

Providing content for dual screening is a great way to keep people engaged during online presentations

AR can be used to enhance an app that also has other functionality

How we can help

Support AR deployment for iOS and Android platforms, working with your teams to support release to app stores.

Finding the best use of technology isn’t always easy, but our immersive experience team can:

Work with you to find the best solution to make the most of the AR content experience.

Collaborate with you to meet your business objectives, from ideation, design and build to performance-tracking opportunities within AR apps.

Leverage our marketing and UX experts to craft end-to-end marketing flows to optimise the results from AR experiences.

Create bespoke 3D models of your products from CAD or photos.